Dan 1-17I present this site to provide interested parties with my background.  Also, to display my skills via samples of analysis, models and reports I have written in various roles.  Lists of these materials can be found on the Published Work and  Work Product Samples pages.

In summary, I have served as the Chief Financial Officer for two cardiology practices, a direct marketing firm, a for-profit nursing educator, a transportation/real estate group and for a major political campaign.  Worked directly for owners of the firms.

In each CFO position, I designed and produced high quality analyses, models, budgets and reports via Excel and Word.  Trained and managed others to do the same.  Dealt successfully with complex issues, large scale projects and shifting priorities.   Self starter.  Discrete while I get things done.

One cardiology practice specialized in nuclear cardiology.  There I became familiar with the technologies behind Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and  Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) testing and with the unique logistics of  the radiopharmaceutical products used in testing patients for cardiovascular disease.  The major project was a search for a replacement headquarters office.  Conducted extensive search for possible locations in Manhattan. Worked on lining up financing for the purchase of a commercial co op property.  Worked with an architectural firm on a renovation plan that would provide the necessary environment for the PET and SPECT testing equipment.  Lined up financing for the $1.2 million renovation.  Oversaw demolition and renovation work.

In another cardiology practice, the strategic objective was movement of the practice to a hospital affiliation that was more acceptable to the eight cardiologists/partners.  First I assisted in the negotiation of an Operating Agreement among those eight cardiologists/partners.  Then I compiled an offering statement to initiate negotiations with four hospital systems.  Participated heavily in negotiations with those four organizations.  Subsequently worked on implementation of the replacement affiliation with the chosen hospital system.  Shortly thereafter, the chosen hospital system itself was acquired by a larger hospital system.

The acquiring hospital system signaled that it wanted to restructure substantially the affiliation relationship.  That launched a new round of preparation of extensive due diligence materials on my part.  Negotiated with several departments within the acquiring hospital system.  Once that deal was struck, worked on implementation of those new arrangements for eight months.   That work included liquidation of a 90 person 401(k) plan, terminations of other benefit programs and wind down of numerous vendor relationships.

As CFO of a direct marketing firm that specialized in coins and related memorabilia, I dealt with a severe cash flow problem by managing partial payment arrangements with vendors.  Initiated and managed cash calls sent to the two partners.  Cleaned up a  number of accounting issues.  Assisted in acquisition of $2.0 million in fresh capital by providing due diligence materials.

Worked as a Senior Consultant for a research and advisory firm specializing in sustainability, corporate responsibility, governance and issues management.  Produced research to assist a major industrial firm in its preparation of a sustainability report.  Earlier, worked as a Research Consultant for an issues and crisis management consulting company.

Served as Chief Financial Officer for an investment management firm with interests in for-profit nursing education and in consumer products distribution, for a group of family firms specializing in transportation and real estate, and for a high profile political campaign for a U.S. senatorial seat.

Served as a Member of the Board of Directors of a private high school for two terms totaling ten years.  Served as the school’s Interim Director of Finance for six to cover a sudden vacancy.  Brought on board a permanent replacement.  Worked on management of the school’s endowment funds.  Replaced investment managers twice for less than stellar results.

Was Treasurer of a billion dollar international direct marketing firm, rising from Planning Director. Previously, was Assistant Manager, Planning and Reporting, for a major direct marketer of book clubs.  Held consulting and term lending positions at a commercial bank.

Served as a Supply Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam and in Quantico, Virginia.  Promoted to Captain.

Earned an MBA in Finance at the Columbia School of Business and a BA in Economics at St. John’s University.  Certified Cash Manager.

The Professional Reading page displays my interests in economic history, current economic thinking, financial matters and decision making topics.

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