Professional Reading





TAPSCOTT, DON AND ALEX TAPSCOTT, Blockchain Revolution, How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World


BALDWIN, RICHARD, The Great Convergence, Information Technology and the New Globalization

DAVIDSON, JAMES DALE, The Age of Deception

FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L., Thank You for Being Late

HAYES, CHRIS, A Colony in a Nation

MANDELBROT, BENOIT AND RICHARD L. HUDSON, The (Mis)Behavior of Markets, A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward

MCRAVEN, ADMIRAL WILLIAM H., Make Your Bed, Little Things That Can Change Your Life . . . And Maybe the World


RICHARDS, JAY, Infiltrated, What Every American Needs to Know About the War on Free Enterprise–and Freedom Itself

RIDLEY, MATT, The Rational Optimist


WEST, GEOFFREY, Scale, The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies


BAPTIST, EDWARD E., The Half Has Never Been Told

DAVIS, DAVID, Inhuman Bondage

DENT Jr., HARRY S., The Demographic Cliff

DUCKWORTH, ANGELA, Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance

ISENBERG, NANCY, White Trash, The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America

JOHNSON, NEIL, Simply Complexity, A Clear Guide to Complexity Theory

LEFĒVRE, EDWIN, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

LEVINE, BRUCE, The Fall of the House of Dixie

LIVERMORE, JESSE, How to Trade in Stocks, the Classic Formula for Understanding Timing, Money Management, and Emotional Control

WILSON, JAMES, The Earth Shall Weep, A History of Native America


ADAMS, KENNETH A., A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting

BOCK, LASZLO, Work Rules!

BROOKS, DAVID, The Road to Character

ELLENBERG, JORDAN, How Not to be Wrong, the Power of Mathematical Thinking

GREENSPAN, ALAN, The Map and the Territory

MADRICK, JEFF, Seven Bad Ideas, How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World

MCGRAYNE, SHARON BERTSCH, The Theory That Would Not Die, How Bayes’ Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines & Emerge Triumphant From Two Centuries of Controversy

RIFKIN, JEREMY, The Zero Marginal Cost Society

STARK, TINA L., Drafting Contracts, How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do


BLINDER, ALAN, After the Music Stopped, the Financial Crisis, The Response and the Work Ahead

FOX, JUSTIN, The Myth of the Rational Market

GARRETT, BRANDON L., Too Big to Jail, How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations

HERBERT, BOB, Losing Our Way, An Intimate Portrait of a Troubled America

JAUHAR, SANDEEP, M.D. Doctored, the Disillusionment of an American Physician

MENZIES, GAVIN AND IAN HUDSON, Who Discovered America, The Untold Story of the Peopling of the Americas

PIKETTY, THOMAS, Capital in the Twenty-First Century

SULL, DONALD AND KATHLEEN M. EISENHARDT, Simple Rules, How to Thrive in Complex World

WARREN, ELIZABETH, A Fighting Chance

WOLF, MARTIN, The Shifts and the Shocks, What We Have Learned—and Still Have to Learn from the Financial Crisis


HEBNER, MARK T., Index Funds, The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors

OLEN, HELAINE, Pound Foolish, Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

REINHART, CARMEN M. and KENNETH S. ROGOFF, This Time is Different

SCHIFF, PETER D., The Real Crash, How to Save Yourself and Your Country

SILIVER, NATE, The Signal and the Noise, Why So Many Predictions Fail—But Some Don’t

TAFT, JOHN G., Stewardship, Lessons Learned from the Lost Culture of Wall Street

TALEB, NASSIM NICHOLAS, Antifragile, Things That Gain from Disorder

TALEB, NASSIM NICHOLAS, Fooled by Randomness, the Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets

TOPOL, ERIC, M.D., The Creative Destruction of Medicine


BOGLE, JOHN C., The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns

DAVENPORT, THOMAS H. AND JEANNE G. HARRIS, Competing on Analytics, The New Science of Winning

EMANUEL, EZEKIEL J., M.D., Ph.D, Healthcare Guaranteed, A Simple, Secure Solution for America

GORE, Al, The Future

LEE, THOMAS H., M.D. AND JAMES J. MORGAN, M.D, Chaos and Organization in Health Care

MLODINOW, LEONARD, Subliminal, How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior

TALEB, NASSIM NICHOLAS, The Black Swan, the Impact of the Highly Improbable